A PDF Copy of my full C.V.

Recent Peer Reviewed Publications:

Wheeler, Andrew P. 2018. Quantifying the local and spatial effects of alcohol outlets on crime. Crime & Delinquency Online First.

Wheeler, Andrew P. Jerry H. Ratcliffe. 2018. A simple weighted displacement difference test to evaluate place based crime interventions. Crime Science 7:11.

Wheeler, Andrew P. 2018. Creating optimal patrol areas using the P-median model. Policing: An International Journal Online First.

Wheeler, Andrew P., Wouter Steenbeek, Martin A. Andresen. 2018. Testing for similarity in area-based spatial patterns: Alternative methods to Andresen’s spatial point pattern test. Transactions in GIS 22(3): 760-774.

Wheeler, Andrew P., Dae-Young Kim, Scott W. Phillips. 2018. The effect of housing demolitions on crime in Buffalo, New York. Journal of Research in Crime & Delinquency 55(3): 390-424.

Wheeler, Andrew P., Scott W. Phillips. 2018. A quasi-experimental evaluation using roadblocks and automatic license plate readers to reduce crime in Buffalo, NY. Security Journal 31(1): 190-207.

Wheeler, Andrew P., Tomislav V. Kovandzic. 2018. Monitoring volatile homicide trends across U.S. cities. Homicide Studies 22(2): 119-144.

Wheeler, Andrew P., Scott W. Phillips, John L. Worrall, Stephen A. Bishopp. 2017. What factors influence an officer’s decision to shoot? The promise and limitations of using public data. Justice Research and Policy  18(1): 48-76.

Wheeler, Andrew P. 2017. The effect of 311 calls for service on crime in D.C. at microplaces. Crime & Delinquency Online First.

Wheeler, Andrew P. 2016. Testing serial crime events for randomness in day-of-week patterns with small samplesJournal of Investigative Psychology and Offender Profiling 13(2): 148-165.

Wheeler, Andrew P. 2016. Tables and graphs for monitoring temporal crime trends: Translating theory into practical crime analysis adviceInternational Journal of Police Science & Management 18(3): 159-172.

Wheeler, Andrew P., Robert E. Worden, Sarah J. McLean. 2016. Replicating Group-Based Trajectory Models of Crime at Micro-Places in Albany, NYJournal of Quantitative Criminology 32(4): 589-612.

While I do not post the published articles on this website for copyright reasons, don’t hesitate to email me for offprints of any article if you are unable to obtain a copy. More current articles and working papers I have been posting to SSRN as well. My personal email address is apwheele@gmail.com.

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